Attract More Patients & Grow Your Practice with a Stunning, Conversion Focused Turnkey Website with a Premium Domain Name Included

What is a Premium Domain Name?


A Premium Top Level Domain is a domain name that include specific keywords that any orthodontist can use.  For example if you are a orthodontist in Mesa, an ideal domain name for your practice would be either MesaOrthodontist.com or OrthodontistMesa.com. 

When its time to sell your practice, the domain name will have much greater value because it can be used by the new owner. 

Your premium domain name is an appreciating asset that will increase in value over time just like real estate.  Not only will it generate revenue for your practice, its a great investment. 

Improved Branding

A premium domain can help to establish your brand as professional, credible, and trustworthy.

Increased Visibility

A premium domain is more memorable and easier to spell, which can help increase website traffic.

Enhanced Marketing Potential

A premium domain can be a powerful marketing tool that can differentiate your practice from competitors.

Accelerate Patient Acquisition

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In today’s online-driven world, having a strong digital presence is no longer optional for orthodontists. It’s the key to attracting new patients, building trust, and establishing yourself as a leader in your field. But with so many websites out there, make sure yours stands out.

Enhance your online presence with a website that goes beyond the ordinary.

Content Rich Pages: Detailed information about the services you offer attracting patients seeking those treatments.

Google loves rich, informative websites. Our 20+ web pages on the services you offer gives you higher search ranking, attracting patients at no extra cost by ranking high on the search engines.

SEO Advantage: Our detailed library isn’t just a feature – it’s a powerful tool that guides potential patients, builds trust, and positions your practice as an authoritative website on the search engines and in your local area.

Fully customized design to reflect your practice:  This is the just the starting point, we can further customize the design with your photos, content, and branding.

Effortless Navigation
Categorized and sub-categorized menu ensure patients can quickly find the information they need.

Content Rich Pages
Its like having mini websites within your website.  Each page can be used as a landing page to market specific services you offer.


Attain Search Engine Ranking Faster

Established Search Engine Ranking
Our websites were established on the search engines in 2018 giving you a head start to a top ranking.

Our Website


Your Office

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Top Ranking

seo ranking

Did you know that nearly 60% of the websites with a top ten Google search ranking are three or more years old?

It can take years to attain a search engine ranking. Purchasing our website which has already been found and indexed by the search engines is a tremendous advantage compared to starting the process today with a brand new website.  A new website has no history in the search engines and you start at the back of the line.  With our website you can start generating patients right away.

Convert Leads To Appointments Effortlessly Through Automation

New Patient Lead Management
Never miss a new patient lead with our AI powered PracticeLeads software integration.

missed call
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appointment request
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We make sure that everyone who contacts your office receives a TEXT and EMAIL response immediately.

Online Marketing | Google Ads

Online Marketing Google Ads

Grow Your Practice
Generate new patients by using the power of Google.


Our orthodontist client above generated over 500 conversions in 2023 using a similar website and domain name purchased from us.


Website + Domain Name: $5997

Website Hosting Module: Web hosting, complete website management and support: $97 per month

Upgrade your account with additional modules to increase new patient flow to your practice.



per month

We’re so confident our product and service will generate new patients and increase revenue to your practice we’re offering a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you’re not happy for any reason, we will provide a 100% refund no questions asked.  See the full refund terms below in the FAQ section.


We work with only ONE orthodontist per market area. 


Will I own the domain name?

Yes.  The domain name will be transferred to your domain registration account after 60 days unless you waive the money back guarentee.  Please read the Refund Policy below.

Do I own the website design?

Yes you own the website design to use with your practice.  You can also transfer the website to a new owner if the practice is sold.  You cannot copy the website to another domain name and sell it to another office.  You are granted 1 license to use with your existing practice and you can transfer the website to any hosting provider.  You do not have any exclusive ownership of any of the stock images or text content unless you provided them.  You are granted 1 license to use the website design on only one domain name with your existing practice.

How long does it take to get set up?

We can have your website customized with your initial information in less than a week.  If you will be providing content such as office photos, team member photos and bios, before and after images or any other additional content, it will depend on what you send us.  

What is a Turnkey Website?

 A turnkey website is a ready-made online solution with everything you need to launch your website and start generating patients right away.

Are turnkey websites customizable?

Yes, we can customise the design to meet your requirements. Including branding adjustments, color changes, content personalization and much more.  Everything is included when you purchase the website and domain name.  

Are there any additional charges to customize the design?

No.  There are no additional charges and everything is included from start to finish until you’re 100% satisfied.

What's included with the $97 monthly service?

Website hosting, maintenance, and support which means we take care of everything.  We fully manage the website for you.  We do all the WordPress updates and if you need any changes or updates, we do them for you.  You also have full access to the website to make any changes and updates yourself.

Do I have to sign up for any monthly services contract?

No.  You are free to have someone else manage your website.

Do I have to use MyPracticeOnline for web hosting?

No.  You can host your website with any hosting provider.  We will provide the files for your entire website.

Refund Policy

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our product or service, you can request a full refund of all fees charged by MyPracticeOnline.  Any fees paid to other companies such as Google, Facebook, or any other 3rd party company are not refundable.   

If you did not waive the money back guarantee your domain name will be transferred after 60 days.  We cannot transfer the domain name to your domain registration account and also provide a money back guarentee.